TIPS & TUTORIALS has two main parts. One part tries to answer the question "How do I use the Library of Things?". This section goes into the administrative handling of a user account. This includes adding, uploading and modification of designs for CNC Cutouts and/or 3D Print models. To know this information will help to keep it easy for each user.

The second part goes into the actual creative part of "How do I actually create a design/print for the library?". This is the source of tutorials, documents and courses about openSCAD, the program in which the user will create his/her designs and make their idea a realtiy. OpenSCAD is a code-based modeling software. Through its simplicity, the language has a fast learning curve and is fun to use, once you get use to it. Parametric modeling and the use of modules can create complex, but still interactive models, that can be changed on the fly. There are also several ways to create designs outside of OpenSCAD, that can be used within OpenSCAD. Furthermore, there are links to information about working with CNC machines and 3D Printers as well.

If there are any questions, please send a message via Contact. The question will help to update this section. Thanks!

How do I use the Library of Things?

How do I build a thing?